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How does Rooftop Solar work in reducing my electricity bills?

  • Install a residential solar power system on your roof and generate electricity
  • Consume all the electricity you need and if there is excess, you “export” it back to the Utility (Yes, It’s possible!)
  • You can always use the exported power for your consumption later
  • This allows you to significantly cut down your electricity bills: could even be zero!
  • If in any month your exported units are greater than your consumption, you get credits in your following month’s electricity bill

How much space do I require?

  • A typical residential consumer can significantly save on their monthly bill by installing 3 KW – 5 KW system, which means a space of 300 – 500 sq. ft.


What’s the payback of the system?

  • You get your money back in 6-7 years for an asset that’s good for 25 years
  • Think of it, it is a great way to protect yourself from the increasing energy prices every year
  • Solar requires minimal maintenance so there will be no recurring cost to you every year


Next steps?

  • Let’s work together to solar power your home. Get it touch with us at for a free feasibility study
  • If you want, we would be happy to show you an existing installation


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