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Solar Panels

Insightful and Independent Advisory for the Clean Energy Industry

Advice from an Entrepreneur

India is beautiful yet complex. As a long time entrepreneur, I have spent considerable time in the streets as well in the boardrooms to be able to add value to my colleagues abroad who are increasingly excited about India yet find it difficult to navigate through the complex business culture.

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Areas of Expertise

Financial Services

  • Company specific viewsEvaluating new investment thesis or monitoring existing portfolio companies

  • Strategic support - Capital deployment through equity, debt or blended finance instruments

  • Sectoral expertise - Policy, regulations, competition for upstream and downstream solar businesses


Past Beneficiaries​Private Equity Funds | Hedge Funds | Mutual Funds | Climate Funds | Development Finance Institutions | Banks

Operational Insights

  • Sales growth - Market entry, business development and partnerships 

  • Decarbonisation - Actionable decarbonisation strategy to achieve climate goals

  • Entrepreneurial advice - Incorporation, pricing, cultural nuance, team building, navigating through complex business ecosystem


Past Beneficiaries​ - Asset Managers | Developers | Service Providers | Manufacturers | Government Institutions | Startups

Solar Panels Technician

Previous Engagements

International business expansion for a US based solar services firm in strategic growth markets

A leading European development finance institution seeking expertise on solar financing for MSME rooftop sector

A fund house in the UK seeking a deep-dive on a specific Government of India solar initiative

Supporting an international private equity fund for research, investment thesis and target identification

One of the big three management consulting firms seeking insights on a Multilateral Development Banks' approach towards operationalizing climate finance

Decarbonisation strategy with actionable interventions for one of India's top ten logistics players

One of the big three management consulting firms seeking insights on solar loan company organizational design and operations 

The head of research of one of India's leading mutual fund houses requiring expertise on upstream solar to analyze the market entry of a listed international OEM

A large private sector bank seeking expertise on last mile distribution and sourcing for a retail solar loan product

Sishir Garemella

I am an experienced business leader in the field of solar energy and financial services, with a track record of innovative and entrepreneurial approach to problem solving. I have developed a strong commercial acumen by running cashflow focused businesses with no external funding, using prudence and financial discipline. Through my ventures, I did some pioneering work for the residential and small business rooftop solar market initiating many ‘firsts’ in a highly competitive, regulated and complex business environment of India.

Prior to solar, I have worked in financial services and automobile industries in India, UK and Canada with firms such as L&T Financial Services, Barclays Capital, General Motors and Ford. I have lived for long periods of time in multiple countries and that has allowed me to seamlessly work across cross-cultural teams.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Windsor in Canada and a Masters in Accounting & Finance from the London School of Economics. I draw inspiration in my personal and professional life through my love for long distance running, for which I travel and write. I am currently based in Hyderabad, India.

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