Solar Energy For Your Needs

Reduce My Bills

Reduce My Bills

  • Meet Hari - He lives in an individual home in Delhi
  • While there are not many power cuts in his area, he wants to use solar power to reduce his electricity consumption
  • In a good month, his bill maybe Rs. 2,000 - 3,000 but in the summers, his bill shoots up to Rs. 5,000 - 6,000
  • Since he has ample roof space, Hari is considering solar with net metering to reduce his electricity bills
  • Net metering is the process through which Hari can sell power back to his Utility
  • Why Sunvest: He is impressed with Sunvest team's experience in the residential segment and particularly interested in the monitoring app which will give him access to his project from his mobile phone 


I want Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Meet Ravi - He lives in an individual home in Nashik
  • He has ample roof space
  • Ravi is concerned with the constant power cuts in his area
  • He wants to use solar power to provide him with a few hours of back up when he faces a power cut, otherwise the solar can be used to reduce his bills
  • Ravi understands that battery backed systems are slightly more expensive and require frequent maintenance
  • In today's day and age, Ravi doesn't want to live with power cuts
  • Why Sunvest: He is keen to take Sunvest's help in financing his system so he can pay for it over long term EMIs


Cut Down My Diesel Consumption

  • Jignesh runs a small industrial unit in Boisar outside of Mumbai
  • He has ample roof space
  • Jignesh is concerned with his high diesel spending whenever there is a power cut
  • His electricity consumption is already very high but diesel makes up for a high proportion of the cost
  • Jignesh is considering solar to reduce his bills, especially his diesel costs
  • Another key reason for solar is that his factory supplies product to German companies and they want their suppliers to ensure high environmental standards
  • Why Sunvest: As a technically complex solar system, Jignesh was concerned with the after sales service but Jignesh has called a lot of our existing customers and received excellent feedback


Power My Streets

  • Meet Surya - He lives near Guntur
  • His village is considering buying solar street lights to power a certain section of their streets
  • Surya found Sunvest on Google and he was happy that we very responsive
  • Why Sunvest: He is keen to take Sunvest's help in financing his system so he can pay for it over long term EMIs


Water My Farm

  • Meet Jasmeet - He lives in Punjab
  • He wants to power his farms through solar water pumps
  • Jasmeet got our reference from his friends in Delhi and Gurgaon
  • Why Sunvest: He really appreciated that our customers referred us to him

Solar Lamps

Solar Lamps

  • Meet Ramu - He lives in a village off Solapur
  • He met us at an exhibition in Pune and was interested in the d.light lamps for his home
  • His needs were simple - basic lighting and mobile charging facility
  • Why Sunvest: He found multiple options in d.light products and their price points ideal for his needs

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